Hey Yo! Go MOGO!

Your wrist isn't your best feature. You've known it your whole life, and you're a little (justifiably) insecure about your ugly wrist. I understand why you cry yourself to sleep every night cursing the mean spirited God would doom you to such an ugly wrist. And so does MOGO, so they made you these bracelets to make it all better.

Ends on December 11 at 9AM CT

About MOGO

MOGO is not just a company that produces top quality charm bracelets; it's also the distant planet on which they send their brave astronauts to mine for charms. Strangely, the planet is sentient, and seems to take a certain amount of pride in releasing only the most beautiful charms. Many attempts have been made to befriend MOGO, but all have fallen on deaf ears; MOGO doesn't socialize.