Green Toys

If only there was a way for toddlers to make the world a better place. Cute though you may think they are, the fact is they're mostly a screaming, pooping collective nuisance. But Green Toys is here to save the day, with environmentally friendly toys to shut 'em up and protect Mother Earth in the doing. Go Green.
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About Green Toys

Dead set on saving the environment and having fun doing it, Green Toys is pretty much the best there is at, well, green toys. Which is not to imply that all their toys are green; in point of fact, they have many that are red, blue, pink, and all sorts of other colors... while still being green. I know it's confusing, but it's not their fault; we just have a lazy language and couldn't think up a better word for "eco-friendly" than "green" despite the fact that green is already the color of grass, envy, and some snakes.
Green Toys official site