Girls Just Want To Have Fun

You think being a girl is all charm bracelets and knee socks, huh? Well I got news for ya, man. Being a girl is hard. The constant pressure to be pretty and funny and popular while ensuring your best friend will never be as pretty and funny and popular as you. So yeah. Sometimes there are pillow fights and hair braiding. But mostly it's just back stabbing and plotting.

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About Girls

Ahhh to be a 12-year-old girl again, right? Wouldn't that be awesome? What do you mean you absolutely hated junior high? Weren't you a cheerleader and like, really popular? You mean your life was just as miserable as mine and you also couldn't wait to get into high school only to find out it's like, 10 times worse? Man! We could have totally been best friends if we hadn't hated each other so much!