Games, Board And Otherwise

Christmas is probably the easiest time of year to buy your kids' love, right? Wrong! They've come to expect it, they take it for granted. The REAL way to claim the "World's Greatest Parent" throne or mug, is to ambush them with January gifts they never saw coming. That'll shut them up for a week or two vis a vis that jerk who built his kid a treehouse.

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About Games and Batman

Games Blah Blah Blah BATMAN!!! Did you see how many awesome little Batman things there were up there? Anti-riot Batman? EMP Batman? No sign of Dick Grayson Batman, true, but if you buy up all the ones there are, they'll have to make more. Think of the possibilities! Adam West Batman! Bat-Mite! Red Rain Vampire Batman! The Batman of Zur-En-Ah! Late Period Frank Miller Kidnapper Cursing Like A Sailor Batman! Terry McGuiness! For every one of those references you got, I'm going to need you to buy one of those Batman toys. Promise me. *Bale voice* SWEAR TO ME!!