Extra Batteries: You Might Save Christmas

You bought some already? They're going to run out. You bought backups? They'll run out too. A kid with a new toy on Christmas is going to use that new toy for three days straight. Don't force them to have to share! That'll break their hearts! Get as many batteries as you can afford and have them ready. That's what Santa would do.

Ends on December 14 at 9AM CT

A Message From Santa

Ho, ho, ho! Say, if you don't buy extra batteries, you won't be one of Santa's helpers! And then Santa will give you a bad review! And you'll lose your North Pole Health Insurance! There's no COBRA at the North Pole, you know! Santa recommends you buy these batteries so Santa doesn't have to talk to HR about the proper way to handle a holiday termination. Santa trusts Santa's made his point. Buy batteries! Ho, ho, ho!