Dawgs Shoes & Sandals

On a hot day, few things are more soothing than dipping your feet into cool water, but that doesn't mean you want to get your ENTIRE foot wet? We know the conundrum. These DAWGS shoes will keep portions of your feet dry while the rest of your feet get wet. It's a scientific miracle!

Ends on March 7 at 9AM CT

About DAWGS Footwear

Like the sleuthing canines of the Baskervilles, we've spent many years trying to determine what the DAWGS acronym stands for, or if it's even an acronym. Maybe it's just in all caps to let you know it's serious about its name. We don't know, we're not sure, but if you have the answer for us, you're more than welcome to tell us. Or else we're going to have to get in touch with Sherlock.