Child's Play

Here at Woot, we do not advocate scary, vindictive murder dolls. We actually frown upon them. See us frowning? Instead, we advocate fun, inanimate objects for your child to play with, like these! More happy, less stabby. See us smiling now? Way to turn our frowns upside down!

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About Creepy Toys

As the Halloween season nears a close and the holiday season approaches, here's a little handy guide for what kind of toys not to buy for your child unless your goal is to emotionally scar them for life. Clowns. Totally off limits in any form. Dolls. Ok if they are cool action figures or cuddly stuffed animals. Life-like and/or porcelain dolls are strictly forbidden. And any battery-operated talking toy that could spontaneously come to life at night. :::shudder:::