Charm Rockers

Party rockin' in the house tonight! It gonna be so cray cray! You're gonna be all, "It's time for bed!" and your kid's gonna be all, "Mom, you be trippin'." And then you’re gonna be all, "You have some mad street cred for a 3-year-old." And then your kid’s gonna be all, "Awww yeahhh" while he and his horsey get their rock on.
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About The Foland Group

Many people might look at The Foland Group as some big, scary corporate enterprise who rules with an iron fist over some of our most beloved institutions like Knott's Berry Farm, the San Diego Zoo, Chuck E. Cheese and, of course, Charm Company. But you totally shouldn't think of it that way. If it wasn't for The Foland Group, your child might never get to enjoy these battery-operated rocking treasures. And besides, they're not the boss of you.
The Foland Group official site