Bright Brilliant Balls!

Once, these balls were mild-mannered. Weak. Nerdy, even. But, then, bitten by a radioactive firefly, the suddenly gained the proportionate glow, shine, and luminescence of a firefly! Now, they fight crime, but mostly just bounce around, as “The OGLO Balls!” Game on, True Believer.
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Ends on December 7 at 9AM CT

About OGLO Balls

They’re balls that glow in the dark. It makes them awesome for late night sporting, but bad for stealth-dodgeball missions. I feel like the former is going to come up significantly more often than the latter (unless you lead a very strange but intriguing life), so they’re okay by me. And also by anyone who doesn’t want to be caught off guard by a soccer ball at 3 AM.
OGLO official site