Behold The Charm Of... MOGO

What's a great way to say "You're my best friend!" without giving up any of your stuff? Charm bracelets! And with these magnetic charms, those memories can hang out on fridges, lockers, and possibly the metal pole high in the air after the friendship goes sour. Oh, but of course, that won't ever happen to YOU guys. BFF4Life!
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Ends on September 21 at 9AM CT

About MOGO

A little girl and her first pony. Now she's a grown businesswoman. MOGO started, no lie, when Paige Clark was trying to fix horse blankets with magnets. It didn't work on the horse, but it does work on people! Now MOGO tries to help a new shelter animal each month, while still keeping the wrists of the world beautiful through bracelets and charms. See? It's not hard to do fashion responsibly.
Mogo official site