No Such Thing As Overcautious

Dr. Monroe cringed before telling Ryan and Jessica the good news, then braced himself for their disappointment.

"Bristol is perfectly healthy," the pediatrician said. "Everything's developing normally."

The couple grimaced as Bristol cooed on Jessica's lap. "No disrespect, doctor," Ryan said, "but we're fairly certain you're wrong."

"Are you sure you didn't miss something?" Jessica added. "Because we get the feeling you're being a little too dismissive of our concerns. Don't you think so, honey?"

Ryan nodded. "Very dismissive."

"I mean, have you fully exhausted your medical knowledge here? You haven't even suggested a CAT scan or anything."

"Perhaps a CAT scan would be for the best," Ryan agreed.

Dr. Monroe tried as best he could not to look horrified, for the baby's sake. "Look, I understand that you're new parents and with that comes a somewhat inflated sense of urgency when it comes to your child's development. But your child is fine. She's the picture of health, even. Just because she doesn't react to the Infantino Dancy Antsy you bought her doesn't mean there's something wrong."

Ryan and Jessica scoffed simultaneously. "But she's supposed to be dancing and wiggling to its music, doctor," Jessica said. "She's supposed to be enchanted by the shiny mirrored foot and happily crinkling the antennae. She hasn't even tried to stuff the colorful BPA-free rings and teethers into her mouth. She seems to have no interest in it at all and, well, she's usually so advanced."

"VERY advanced," Ryan chimed in.

"Well, maybe that's just the thing," Dr. Monroe offered with a chuckle. "Maybe she's just not interested in the toy you bought her. It's easy to forget that, even at Bristol's age, there's a little personality in there. Perhaps she just isn't into it."

Ryan and Jessica stared at their pediatrician blankly. Only the tiny sound of the baby's flatulence broke the silence. Dr. Monroe stood up from his stool. "Well, I have a few more patients to see, so I'll leave you three alone. I guess I'll see you all at Bristol's next check-up," he said. "Probably sooner, though, I imagine."

The moment the exam room door was closed, Jessica was handing the baby to Ryan and fishing her phone out from her purse. "What are you doing?" Ryan asked.

"I'm calling Michelle," she said. "Maybe HER pediatrician can get us in and order a CAT scan today."

"Good idea, honey."

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Recommended Ages: 6 Months and Up

  • This musical lil’ bug dances to the beat and gets baby wiggling
  • Squeeze foot to get music in motion
  • Shiny peek-a-boo mirrored foot
  • Playful bouncing, crinkly antennae
  • On/Off Switch located on toy bottom
  • BPA-Free clacker rings and textured teethers are easy to grab with little hands
  • Colorful teethers to soothe tender gums
  • Requires (2) AA batteries (included)

Warranty: 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty


Dimensions: Approx. 6"D x 7"W x 8"H
Power: 2 AA Batteries (included)
Care: Surface wash with clean, damp cloth

In the box:

  • (1) Infantino Dancy Antsy Musical Pal – Model# 206-137

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