The Humphreyssey

Today on "Book Rampage" we're taking a look at the story that has the nation captivated. Not Proust, not Joyce, not Shakespeare! No writer has ever DARED to take a baby elephant on such a journey before!

Welcome to Book Rampage. I'm your host, Jacques Lloyd-Snootae. Today we're skipping our regularly scheduled dissection of The Crying Of Lot 49 to look at a small series that has changed everything I know about reading- and I promise you, that's quite a great deal. The series protagonist? A sweet young elephant named Humphrey.

They say that books like Humphrey's Playtime and Humphrey's Farm Adventure are meant for children, but don't you believe it! Much as Paul Auster unraveled the mysteries of identity and human nature in City Of Glass, so too does Sally Hunter peel away the very elephantanity we all carry on our shoulders as we, like Odysseus, find our way through the trials of our lives.

Oh, and the rich tapestry of cohorts that Humphrey will meet! Stripey the Tiger, to me, represents the untamed spirit of youth. I remember the six months I spent on Martha's Vineyard when I was nineteen, and how it molded me into a young man ready to change the world. How many times did I play that Art Garfunkel solo album, eh? Yes, Humphrey, just as Baby Jack is lulled to sleep by Dad, so too was I forced to sleep, my eyes closed to what I could become. Your story is my story, Humphrey! Not since Catcher In The Rye has a book reached me, my voice, who I truly, truly was!

I cannot recommend this four pack of story books enough. Please, throw away your copy of House of Leaves and place all four of these on the shelf between Infinite Jest and White Noise. I'm Jacques Lloyd-Snootae. Until next week.

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  • Humphrey books are bright and cheery stories for any little one
  • This bundle includes 4 hardback Humphrey stories by Sally Hunter including:
     - Humphrey's Playtime
     - Humphrey's Farm Adventure
     - Humphrey's Jungle Adventure
     - Humphrey's Bedtime
  • Each book is 24 pages long, perfect for bedtime or story time
  • Beautiful illustrations detail Humphrey's adventures on every page
  • High quality hardcover books last much longer, and are great to pass down to another generation

About Humphrey & His Family:

  • Humphrey is a gentle 3 year old and elephant. Sometimes he gets a bit noisy or grumpy when he gets tired but usually Mummy says what a good boy he is. He has a toy rabbit named Mop
  • Lottie is Humphrey’s big sister. She is kind and lovely but is a bit bossy quite a lot of the time.Lottie likes being a Queen and being in charge, or a nurse, but most of all Lottie loves being a Fairy. She runs around all day making magic wishes come true
  • Mummy likes all things organic and makes good for you dinners. She tries out her recipes but it to hard because no one ever likes the same things. Mummy is always tidying up but somehow everywhere is usually messy except when Daddy is in charge, then it's tidy all day. 
  • Daddy gives you gold starts if you help. If Daddy is back from work in time he reads bedtime stories and nearly always falls asleep. Mommy always has to wake him up for dinner
  • Baby Jack is the littlest. He giggles and gurgles all the time and talks baby talk. He dribbles a lot too.
  • Granny and Grandad live a little ways away on the 56 bus. On Saturdays if it isn’t raining, Mummy, Daddy, Lottie, Humphrey and Baby Jack all go for a long walk down the path by the brook, over the bridge, then along a road and through the houses to visit. It takes ages. Mummy says the fresh air will do them good. Grandad is usually in the garden when they get there. Granny says it’s time for some cherry cakes and makes. Humphrey washes his hands really well. She has a look and tells him to do it again

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Humphrey's Playtime Synopsis
     Humphrey loves playtime!  There's so much to do - from marching his animals round, to painting pictures for mom, to swinging on his own special swing, Humphrey is always busy. But there is one thing that Humphrey likes very best of all....
 Humphrey's Farm Adventure Synopsis
     Humphrey and his little friend , Tilly, go on a trip to the farm!  Join them as they meet Moo the Cow and other animals, in this short story perfect for young children.
Humphrey's Jungle Adventure Synopsis
     Join Humphrey and his little friend George on their jungle adventure!  Meet Stripey the tiger, Sammy snake, Polly Parrot and their other friends....
Humphrey's Bedtime Synopsis
     It's bedtime at Humphrey's house. Baby Jack goes first because he's the smallest. Humphrey's next and gets ready for bed just like he should. But Humphrey's big sister Lottie is just too busy to go to bed!  With a little help and a cuddle from Dad, everyone at Humphrey's house is finally tucked up tight.  Children will love heading off to bed with Humphrey in this big, cozy book.
Humphrey's Corner Books
Book Dimensions: 10" x 10.25" x .5"
Pages: 24 pages ea.
Publisher / Publication Year: Hothouse, 2012
Printed In: China

In the Box:

Humphrey's Corner By Sally Hunter Story Book 4-Pack includes:

  • (1) Humphrey's Playtime - ISBN 978-1-78197-134-5
  • (1) Humphrey's Farm Adventurer - ISBN 978-1-78197-131-4
  • (1) Humphrey's Jungle Adventure - ISBN 978-1-78197-132-1
  • (1) Humphrey's Bedtime - ISBN 978-1-78197-133-8

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