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Disney Classics Die-Cut Story Books 4-Pack Set 1:


  • Beautifully illustrated on every page
  • The sultan's evil advisor, Jafar discovers that only Aladdin can access a magical lamp from the Cave of Wonders
  • When Aladdin's monkey Abu, steals the lamp back from Jafar, Aladdin realizes that the lamp's genie can grant him three wishes
  • Find out if the wishes are enough to help him defeat Jafar, save the kingdom and win the heart of Princess Jasmine
  • 68 pages

Alice in Wonderland

  • Beautifully illustrated on every page
  • When Alice follows the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole, she finds herself in Wonderland, and magical place where nothing is as it seems
  • Join Alice's adventures with the grinning Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter and the ferocious Queen of Hearts, in this all-time classic adventure
  • 69 pages


  • Beautifully illustrated on every page
  • Bambi is born in the heart of the forest and sets out to explore his world with his friends, a rabbit called Thumper and a skunk called Flower
  • Then one day danger arrives in the forest, in a brief moment the little fawn's life is changed forever
  • Find out if there will be a happy ending for Bambi, in this classic tale of love and adventure
  • 68 pages

101 Dalmatians

  • Beautifully illustrated on every page
  • Will Pongo and Perdita be able to save their puppies from the evil Cruella De Vil before she turns them into a fur coat?
  • 68 pages

Disney Classics Die-Cut Story Books 4-Pack Set 2:


  • Beautifully illustrated on every page
  • Dumbo is a little elephant with a big spirit and even bigger ears
  • Teased about the size of his ears Dumbo doesn't have many friends at the circus
  • One day he meets Timothy the circus mouse, and discovers a hidden talent that will turn him into a little star
  • Join Dumbo and Timothy in this classic adventure
  • 69 pages

The Jungle Book

  • Beautifully illustrated on every page
  • Mowgli the man-cub has lived in the jungle his whole life
  • When Bagheera decides that it is time for Mowgli to return to the village he doesn't want to go
  • Mowgli runs away and has all sorts of adventures with the animals he meets, but danger is never far away
  • Find out if Mowgli will ever agree to live with other humans
  • 68 pages

Lady & The Tramp

  • Beautifully illustrated on every page
  • Lady's wonderful life is suddenly turned upside down, when a new baby arrives, and Aunt Sarah and her two scheming Siamese cats have come to stay
  • When Lady meets up with Tramp, she jumps at the chance to run away with him
  • He is obviously from the wrong side of the tracks, find out if they can make it living on the streets
  • 68 pages

The Lion King

  • Beautifully illustrated on every page
  • When Simba, a lion cub prince is banished from the Pride Lands by his evil Uncle Scar
  • He thinks that he will never be able to return and fulfill his destiny of being King of Pride Rock
  • Simba befriends Pumba and Timon, and they live happily together for a time.
  • Find out if Simba will overcomes his fears and return to Pride Rock and become king
  • 68 pages

Disney Classics Die-Cut Story Books 4-Pack Set 3:

Mickey Mouse Adventure Tales and Stories

  • Beautifully illustrated on every page
  • This lovely storybook includes three classic tales starring Mickey Mouse
  • In the first story Mickey learns to ride a horse at the rodeo
  • Then Mickey and  friends decorate an antique fire truck
  • Finally Mickey looks after a pet store and meets a special little dog
  • 68 pages

Mickey's Christmas Carol

  • Beautifully illustrated on every page
  • Miserable Ebenezer Scrooge thinks Christmas is all humbug
  • But then the ghost of Jacob Marley, his late business partner warns Scrooge that he will be visited by 3 ghosts
  • The Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future visit Scrooge so that he might change his ways
  • Find out if Scrooge will change in time to help Tiny Tim, his clerk's ill son and find his Christmas spirit
  • 69 pages

Peter Pan

  • Beautifully illustrated on every page
  • Classic tale of the boy who never grew up
  • Join Wendy, John and Michael as they journey to Never Land with Peter and Tinkerbell, and meet the evil Captain Hook
  • Their wonderful adventure leads them to the Lost Boys, mermaids and lots more
  • Find out if Peter can defeat the dreaded Captain Hook and if Tinkerbell can help Wendy and her brothers find their way back home
  • 69 pages


  • Beautifully illustrated on every page
  • Geppetto's greatest wish comes true when his wooden puppet, Pinocchio is magically brought to life but, Pinocchio gets into lots of mischief
  • Pinocchio needs to listen to the wise voice of Jiminy Cricket and prove himself to be brave, truthful and unselfish if he is to ever find his way home to Geppetto and become a real boy
  • 69 pages

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Disney Die-Cut Storybooks 
Individual Book: 8" x .25" x 11"
Die-Cut 4-Pack Set: 8" x 2" x 11"

In the Box:

(1) Disney Die-Cut Storybooks 4-Pack (choose style)

Disney Die-Cut Storybooks 4-Pack Set 1 includes:

  • (1) Aladdin
  • (1) Alice in Wonderland
  • (1) Bambi
  • (1) 101 Dalmatians


Disney Die-Cut Storybooks 4-Pack Set 2 includes:

  • (1) Dumbo
  • (1) The Jungle Book
  • (1) Lady And The Tramp
  • (1) Lion King


Disney Die-Cut Storybooks 4-Pack Set 3 includes:

  • (1) Mickey Mouse Adventure Tales and Stories
  • (1) Mickey's Christmas Carol
  • (1) Peter Pan
  • (1) Pinocchio


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