Heard It A Million Times

Sometimes it's the most unexpected things that make the biggest impact.

"AGAIN!" Ella fell to the floor and giggled next to her father who laid there defeated and broken.

"Are you sure you don't want to try playing a game, sweetie?" he asked, his voice weak from exhaustion. "What about learning about Phonics? You know, once upon a time, people used to get hooked on..."

"AGAIN!" Tugging on Tim's arm with one hand, she pointed at the stereo across the room with the other.

"Please," Tim begged, waving several boxes of flash cards above his chest. "Just ten minutes. All I want is ten minutes. Can't we just rest and learn about letters or numbers? What about word recognition? Or math, huh? Kids love math. Not your brother or sister, mind you, but other children, I'm sure, love..."

Ella jumped to her feet and shook her head. "NoooOOOooo, Daddy" She very thoughtfully took her father's head in her hands and pointed his face at the stereo. "Ah. Gain."

Tim rolled over to his side. His arms and legs ached. His breath was still somewhat shallow after spinning and jumping for... Tim realized he had no idea what time it was. 'How long have we been at this?' he wondered. 'And just how much longer can I go on?'

"How about we play a new game?" he said. "A big girl game! Like Memory, huh? You like Memory, right?"


"Go Fish, maybe?"


"Slap Jack? Crazy 8's? Or Rhyme Time? Come on, there's six card games to choose from outside of the six flash card sets that came in the bundle." He groaned a little as he tried to stand. "There must be something you want to do other than..."

Ella's tiny hands found her father's face again, this time smooshing his cheeks in as she directed his eyes into her gaze. "No, Daddy," she told him flatly. "Dance time now. Again."

Tim sighed and pulled the stereo remote from his pocket. He would never know the name of the person whose bright idea it was to include a free song download with both the flash cards and card games, but he whispered a curse upon that person as he closed his eyes and pressed play. Again.

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Recommended Ages: 3-5 Years and Up

This bundle includes six sets of Flash Cards and six Card Games that are designed to help children learn their basic skills, while having fun in the process

Flash Cards

  • Alphabet and Numbers flash cards help your children learn their uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as build their counting and number recognition skills
  • Addition and Subtraction flash cards teach your children important beginning math strategies
  • Phonics and Sight Words flash cards teach children "hard" and "soft" sounds, short and long vowels, and important basic sight sound vocabulary
  • All decks include a card of additional activities and games to extend learning in a practical way, and include a free song download

Card Games

  • Includes game decks for Old Maid, Memory, Go Fish, Slap Jack!, Crazy 8's, and Rhyme Time
  • These card games engage children, and teach them basic skills such as matching, memorization, counting, rhyming and more
  • Most games are for 1-6 players, while Old Maid and Slap Jack! are for 2-6, and Crazy 8's is for 2-4 players
  • Each deck includes game directions for easy play, as well as a free song download

Shipping Note: Eligible for shipping to all 50 states

Warranty: 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty


Card Dimensions: 5.125"L x 3.625"W
Flash Card Decks Included: 6
Card Game Decks Included: 6
Cards Included Per Deck: 50

In the box:

Classic Card Games & Flash Cards Bundle includes:

  • (1) Alphabet Flash Card Set
  • (1) Numbers Flash Card Set
  • (1) Addition Flash Card Set
  • (1) Subtraction Flash Card Set
  • (1) Phonics Flash Card Set
  • (1) Sight Words Flash Card Set
  • (1) Old Maid Card Game
  • (1) Memory Card Game
  • (1) Go Fish Card Game
  • (1) Slap Jack! Card Game
  • (1) Crazy 8's Card Game
  • (1) Rhyme Time Card Game

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