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In a head-to-head competition, who would win? Iron Man or Captain America?

Before you lay down money on this thing, let's consider what the Google community has to say on the matter. When I type "Captain America is ..." in the search box, the top three results are:

1. Captain America is lame
2. Captain America is weak
3. Captain America is dead

I think they're being a little rough on the old guy. I mean, he can run a mile in just over a minute and bench press half a ton. Weak? Most certainly not. Lame? Well, maybe. But only if you consider that the world record for bench pressing is just over 900 lbs. What's another two or three hundred to a supposed super hero?

Now when I type "Iron Man is ..." in the search box, the top three results are:

1. Iron Man is better than Batman
2. Iron Man is born
3. Iron Man is overrated

Hmm. This only raises more questions. Iron Man might be better than Batman, but then who is better between Batman and Captain America? Knowing that is the only way to truly determine if Iron Man > Captain America. I don't think we have enough to go on right now to make that determination. The biggest advantage I see for Iron Man here is that he "is born" which insinuates that he is, in fact, alive while Captain America is, apparently, dead. And as far as Iron Man being overrated, well, that's nothing more than opinion.

So yeah. That's what we have to go on. You think you know who'd win? Then place your bets! P.S. We guarantee no definitive outcome. 

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Recommended Age: 8+ Years

  • Capture the excitement of the hit movie while pitting your two favorite Avengers against one another in an old fashioned street race
  • This starter set includes 15 easy-to-assemble bolt system track pieces, Captain America Stormer and Iron Man Tech Racer, and 2 turbo speed controllers for added racing boost
  • Each car features high-quality detailing and is fitted with double contact brushes for secure, powerful racing play.

Easy-to-Assemble Bolt System Track Pieces:

  • Pieces snap together via a convenient bolt system
  • The curved pieces are distinguished by red- and white-printed shoulders that can be augmented with decorative guardrail displays of Thor, Hawkeye, the Hulk, and other Avengers signs
  • Two lap counters keep track of your races and can be manually adjusted to record up to 50 laps

Race Cars:

  • The race set comes with two highly detailed magnetic slot race cars inspired by two main Avengers characters
  • Choose between Tony Stark's red-and-gold Iron Man Tech Racer, and Steve Rogers' red, white, and blue Captain America Stormer
  • Each 1:43-scale car is marked by distinctive features including colorful tampo-printed detailing, hood scoop, and rear spoiler
  • Rubber tires on all four rims also provide a suitable grip when charging down straightaways and taking sharp curves. Two lap counters keep track of your races and can be manually adjusted to record up to 50 laps

Turbo Speed Controllers:

  • Each car is controlled via a turbo speed controller that plugs into the track
  • Lightweight and ergonomically designed, the controllers feature a trigger button to set the cars in motion and a thumb lever to control speed
  • Racing requires skill and more than simply mashing down the trigger when applying the speed, as this will can send your car hurtling off the track

Shipping Note: Eligible for shipping to all 50 states

Warranty: 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty


Slot Car Race Set
Track Scale: 1:43
Car Scale: 1:43
Assembled Dimensions: 4.89 ft. x 2.79 ft.
Total Track Length: 11.8 ft.

In the Box:

Carrera Go!!! - The Avengers "Hero Team Chase" Slot Car Race Set - 62283 includes:

  • (15) Track pieces
  • (2) Controllers
  • (1) Transformer
  • (1) Iron Man Tech Racer - 61256
  • (1) Captain America Stormer - 61255
  • (1) Lapcounter
  • Extra contact brushes
  • Junction Guardrails 

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