The Next Day

These DVDs are for kids! We're not saying you can't learn from them too, just that maybe you should be a little bit ashamed if you do.

It wasn't a bad idea... at the time. When Ricky pitched his plan to Alex and Donald, it seemed perfectly logical. It was just... well, the next day, when they'd slept off the party and started talking about it, the whole plan seemed a little... off.

"Let's go over this again, Ricky." said Alex.

"Dude, it made sense at the time." said Ricky.

Donald shook his head."I'm glad it wasn't my idea."

"You supported me, dude!"

"Let's just go over this again." Alex said. "From the top."

Ricky sighed. "We were going to buy the Brainy Baby Learning for Lifetime System DVDs."

"Right." Alex answered, not hiding his smile.

"And then we were going to sign up for all the corresponding classes."

"Right." Donald agreed with a grin.

"And then we were going to WHY DON'T YOU GUYS JUST SHUT UP, OKAY?"

"We were going to watch these DVDs made for kids, and learn about art and music and animals and the alphabet? Is that what you were going to say?"

Donald pounded the table as Alex covered his eyes. Ricky hid his face.

"Guys, it MADE SENSE, okay? I figured it would cover the basics, and we could have more free time! I was trying to help!"

Donald held up the bonus Basic Shapes & Animals DVD. "Right, this one would give us the edge in Professor Thompson's 200 level 'How To Recognize A Circle' seminar."

Ricky stood up, slapping the table. "Forget you guys, man. I'm never suggesting anything again.

"Ricky! Ricky" yelled Alex as his friend stormed to the door. "Wait! Don't forget this video on upper case letters! We might need it to get our Master's in English Lit!"

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Recommended Ages: 1-4 Years

Learning System Includes:

  • 8 dynamic and entertaining educational DVDs to maximize your child’s ability to learn the alphabet, numbers, animals, shapes and colors; as well as a bonus Art House Learning DVD
  • 4 interactive workbooks to reinforce the critical concepts—with sturdy “board book” pages for young learners
  • 4 decks of memory-enhancing flash cards that you can use anywhere—at the kitchen table, in the car or on a visit to Grandma’s house
  • 2 music CDs full of classical music and sing-along songs
  • 1 Parent Guide booklet 

Warranty: 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty


Included DVD's
  • 123's:  Introduces counting 1-20, basic math skills, number recognition and more
  • ABC's:  Introduces upper and lower case letters, multiple letter sounds, fun vocabulary words and more
  • English:  Introduces important first words, colors, numbers, favorite objects, familiar phrases and more
  • Talking Hands:  Introduces hand signs for simple nouns, action words, opposites and more
  • Shapes & Colors:  Introduces shapes & colors from familiar objects, 8 basic shapes and 4 advanced shapes, 12 different colors and more
  • Animals:  Introduces fun animal facts, farm and wild animals, mammals, birds, insects and more
  • Art:  Introduces colors, textures, mediums and more
  • Music:  Introduces rhythm & tempo, melody & harmony, musical instruments and more
  • Each DVD is approximately 45 minutes long, with bonus features included on each disc
  • BONUS Art House Learning Vol. 1: Basic Shapes & Animals: Join Teacher Emily and the Art House Gang as they learn to use the basic shapes to draw kids' favorite animals: fish, birds, dogs, monkeys and dinosaurs
Included Workbooks
  • 123's: Introduces numbers 1-20
  • ABC's: Introduces the alphabet
  • Animals: Introduces animals from Apes to Zebras
  • Shapes & Colors: Introduces basic shapes and colors
  • Each book is 14 pages, with sturdy "board book" pages
Included Flash Cards
  • 123's: Counting Collection: Introduces numbers 1-20
  • ABC's: Alphabet Collection: Introduces the alphabet
  • The Animals Collection: Introduces animals from Apes to Zebras
  • Shapes & Colors Collection: Introduces basic shapes and colors
  • Each deck includes 36 cards, which measure approx. 6" x 3.5" each
Included Music CD's
  • Classical Tunes:  15 instrumental classics from Mozart, Vivaldi, Tchaikovsky, Bach and more
  • Sing-Along Songs:  12 songs you'll love to sing including Old MacDonald, Mind Your Manners, Bingo and more

In the Box:

  • (8) Brainy Baby Educational DVD's
  • (1) Bonus Art House Learning DVD
  • (4) Brainy Baby Workbooks
  • (4) Brainy Baby Flash Card Decks
  • (2) Brainy Baby Music CD's
  • (1) Parent Guide Booklet

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