Up Up And Away

A direct hit sends the target four to six feet into the air. So you can feel like you've accomplished something.

Graduating? Throw your hat into the air! Find a person to share your life with? Throw a bouquet into the crowd! Catch a fish? Throw your pole as high as it can go! Hit a target? Why shouldn't it fly into the air as well? Yeah! Take that, you fat cats in Washington! You can't keep the Aero Flixx down! ANARCHYYYYYYYY!

Okay, now that the kids aren't listening, here's what you parents need to know. ONE: the Aero Flixx works indoors. TWO: these things have a foam backing so they won't hurt. THREE: the emotional reward that comes from a target that jumps makes it much more compelling than, say, someone's younger sibling. FOUR: kids launching Aero Flixx discs at a target are kids that will be yelling and making noise, which means you can half-listen from the other room while reading. As long as you can hear the spring of four rubber band powered targets, you know they're having safe, happy fun.

Oh, hang on, some of them might have skipped to the end. NO BED TIMES! YEAH! DOWN WITH RULES! With the Aero Fixx Bonus Pack, your parents aren't going to be able to stop you from sending a target ABOUT FIVE OR SIX FEET INTO THE AIR! WHOOO!


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Watch This Video To Learn More About Aero Flixx

Recommended Ages: 6+ Years

  • Aero Flixx is an indoor action disc game
  • Test your skill and challenge your friends
  • This two player set comes with a Woot! exclusive BONUS pack which more than doubles its size
  • Collect all 40 of the designs, and play others for keeps or just for fun
  • The 4-inch discs contain cool 3D images on one side and a foam backing on the other
  • Play a variety of games, or let your kids use their imaginations to create their own games
  • When you get a direct hit, the target shoots up 5 - 6 feet in the air
  • Works great indoors and outside
  • Everything is waterproof, and the discs float, so they make for fun in the pool too!
  • Made in the USA

 Two-Player Set includes:

  • 2 Targets
  • 2 Target Launchers
  • 10 Collectible Discs

 With the Woot! exclusive BONUS Pack you also get:

  • Skullduggery Aero Flixx Action Target Set
  • Skullduggery Aero Flixx Deluxe Action Disc, One Player
  • Skullduggery Aero Flixx 4 Disc Pack

That gives:

  • 2 Extra Targets
  • 2 Extra Target Launchers
  • 12 Extra Collectible Discs

Games You Can Play with Aero Flixx:

  • Play indoor disc golf
  • H*O*R*S*E
  • Shooting gallery
  • Or other games of precision and accuracy using Aero Flixx discs

Shipping Note: Eligible for shipping to all 50 states

Warranty: 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty




Aero Flixx
Package Dimensions: 9.5" x 8.5" x 3.5"
Disc Diameter: 4"
Country of Origin: USA

In the Box:

Skullduggery Aero Flixx 2-Player Set with BONUS PACK- 08534 includes:

  • (4) Targets
  • (4) Target Launchers
  • (4) Rubber Bands
  • (4) Suction Cups
  • (22) Collectible Discs

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Aero Flixx 2 Player Set with BONUS PACK!
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