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Boot Scoot Balance Bikes (3 Models)

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I got the bopper and the cruiser last time that these were offered. My five year old learned to balance and loves both models even though the bopper is a little small for her. Our 8 and 10 year olds often ride the cruiser. My 8 year old is finally riding a regular peddle bike with confidence. I wish the cruiser had come with brakes like some models as the five year old has ruined her shoes slowing it down the driveway. My youngest nearly 2 year old hasn't managed the bopper yet on her own but we have it for when she is ready. The bopper comes with a large wide plastic tires so I opted to keep it indoors. The decals are just stickers so it looks a little unimpressive. You can adjust the handle bars and the seats on both to accommodate different sizes but you have to adjust them with the hex wrenches included. In my opinion, balance bikes are the way to go to teach riding and these are a good value, but the better value here is the cruiser as it comes with regular tires.