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OK reviews (3.4 out of 5.0) on the swing over at walmart.com and check out the product page for the stroller and the highchair


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Graco-Your Choice!
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This is the first time I ever made a comment on the "Kid" forum because my little kid is thirty five years old today and about 2 inches taller than his Dad. But when I saw that little swing, I couldn't resist.

That little swing is worth its weight in gold! It saved the sanity of our little boy's mother and father more than just a few times. When ever little Christopher had a problem, out came the swing and he would become content with the world and be asleep in 5 minutes. Worked like a charm.


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A swing is a must have for any new parent. We have a 2 month old, and have used the swing almost daily to get her to stop crying her head off. We don't have this exact swing, but any swing should do the trick.