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Pillow Pets - Disney & More

So your kid wants a puppy, but puppies are a lot of work. You know what's not as much work as feeding and cleaning up after a puppy? Pretending these pets are actually alive and convincing your child the same.


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NO!!!!! I Missed Tigger!!!!!!!!!!


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I jumped on Tigger when I saw him, knowing he would sell out quick. I gifted him to my little sister. She had a stiff stuffed tiger growing up. It was for her what my teddy bear was for me.

I was going to place a pic of her with her old tiger here, but I can't find it. I'll try to remember to come back and update after she provides a pic to me of her with her new Tigger, and maybe the old pic with tiger too if she can provide it to me again.

Here's the pic I received, not of my sister, but of her boy, my nephew.