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Green Toys

Tell your children that you're giving them Green Toys that aren't green and watch their little minds expand. See how easy it is to create riddles and/or make your young children burst into tears of rage?


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My son has the submarine (not available this sale but from same company) and the seaplane, and they are toys of choice most tubby nights. Very solidly constructed, they float well. You can tell they are well made, and the fact they are recycled makes you feel green all over (in a good way - you know, all save the earth and that)


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My son (8 mo) got the tugboat in a Citrus Lane box. It makes bathtime a blast! He loves pushing it around in the tub, getting water poured on him from the big spout, and generally thwacking it against the tub walls and floor while the water is getting drained. :D Two thumbs up!


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We pretty much have all of these and love them all. The rocketship comes w/ 2 little spacemen and the top detaches and is a landing module or capsule or whatever...