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Operation: Baby

Every tried to talk to a baby you don't know? It's impossible! And yet, a parent can understand every word quite clearly. We're just saying, people. Babies are the ultimate form of encryption. Instead of spending billions to encrypt, just buy some of this stuff, get a baby, and you're secure.


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We got this swing before we had our little man and now that he is 8 months old, I gotta say, we LOVE THIS! It comes in so handy!!! When our little guy falls asleep in the swing we can cart him around the house with us in the detachable seat.

And the Kushies overnight/daycare bag is awesome as well! We don't use all the little organizer bags for daycare, but when he's old enough to go overnight, I'm sure they will come in handy. The blanket that comes with it is soft and warm. The pillow leaves a little to be desired.. but I'm sure would do in a pinch. For now, I use it as a travel breastfeeding pillow. It would be nice to see this same type of bag in a tote type bag as well.


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There's a really, really good review on Amazon explaining the pros and cons of this particular PES Avent bottle here: