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Kaizen Products Giant Craft Box Bundle

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There is a lot of stuff in this kit that seems like it would be fun on a rainy day, however I'm not seeing the value on the price.

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quality posts: 71 Private Messages traquy

Right, a lot of this is the Dollar Tree brand and could be had for $20 total. For $10 or maybe even $15 with other stuff in the order I might do it.


quality posts: 16 Private Messages labyrinthia

I'm also not seeing the value. It might be a value if you buy junky craft stuff at hobby lobby, but if you pick it up on sale and at the dollar store, not so much.


quality posts: 3 Private Messages LinenEphod

There are 21 items in this, and not all of them would be had for $1 (some would be a little more than $1) so this price seems to reflect an actual retail price for these items (when you add $5) shipping to the total. I can't even imagine where they get the $70 retail price. I do like the fact that it is "all in one" and you don't need to piecemeal this together.


quality posts: 3 Private Messages rt2dz

This is the same crap you can buy at the dollar store, which means some of it isn't even worth a dollar--like the glitter glue. But you can purchase it all at $20.


quality posts: 1 Private Messages writergrl1313

re: the "I could buy all this stuff at Hobby Lobby" -- totally true. I *still* bought 3 last time as these are the best kid birthday gifts ever - and without having to paw through the bins. Every time I box this up with a big pad of paper, parents think there's a lot of effort that goes into it because they don't have the time to hunt down a big rainy day craft box for themselves. A $70 value? only if you add in the convenience factor. Still worth it. In for 3 more.


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I work at a preschool and this can be gotten for less than $20 if you look around at various Dollar Stores, find some at yard sales, etc. And if you do it this way (your own way) you can gear it more towards the child you are giving it to. I'm making one for my niece with lots of pinks and purples, and one for her brother with more trucks/cars theme. If you don't enjoy shopping, then the woot way is the way to go. But, if you like to hit up the Dollar Tree, do it on your own! I will say though that the Scratch Kits are harder to find and cost more than $1.


quality posts: 5 Private Messages greenfelderkl

So I actually bought this last time it was on woot (maybe during a woot off?). I'll just say this about it: It was fine. Not awesome. Not horrible. Just fine.

Good: Kept my 4 y.o. busy for about an hour on a couple occassions - mainly gluing the random stuff together. The kid also threaded the beads together and made a sweet necklace.

He also enjoyed making "arrows" out of the pipe-cleaners to play Brave.

The twist crayons are always a hit (except kid will screw them all the way up and break them off).

Bad: Unless you have a big canvas to work with, there wasn't much to do with the various items. For example, there were little blocks and popsicle sticks. So we glued blocks to the ends of the sticks and tried to build a house. But it was pretty much not awesome.

There's also a pack of foam popsicle sticks, that we basically just glued the feathers, poof balls, and googly eyes to. Not sure exactly what you're to do with foam popsicle sticks (we also just cut them into pieces; since the glue wouldn't stick to them well).

The smaller beads were too hard to thread onto a necklace, esp for little hands. So we just glued them to the popsicle sticks.

The markers were so-so (and bled right through the paper we were using). The scratch art was a one-time thing (and VERY hard for a kid). The stickers were nearly impossible to get the paper off the back, so we just cut them out and you guessed it, glued them on.

Suggestion: Take your time and go to the craft/dollar store and build your own pack of crafty bits. Have an idea in mind of a few things you'd like to create and buy the pieces to make that happen.

Caveat: If you're buying this for a classroom to build up your supply closet, it's a decent assortment. I would even consider picking up a couple of them (unless you would rather take my suggestion above).


quality posts: 13 Private Messages jlhatter

The first thing I thought when I saw the picture was that I could pick up most of that stuff in the dollar aisle at Target or even in the cheap bins at Michaels crafts. The $70 retail price just seems plain sleezy. Why not really make people think they are getting a deal and say the retail price is $1,000? Makes about as much sense. Straight retail may be around $20, so then how about giving us an actual deal or what's the point of coming over to woot every day to see what kind of good deals there are?


quality posts: 0 Private Messages z28gal1

This is dollar store garbage...Not even worth the $5 shipping


quality posts: 0 Private Messages howardjohny

Not worth it. I regret buying it for my niece :-(


quality posts: 0 Private Messages ktscott01

This a garbage box. Like everyone else said you can buy it at dollar stores or craft stores cheaper.

I might just return it and take the hit I'm so annoyed I bought it.


quality posts: 1 Private Messages samchi

Hi! So I bought 2 boxes of this stuff and gave them out as gifts to the daycare and my kid's 1st grade teacher. They loved the stuff and I didn't need to go out and shop. I could have saved $5 or $4 but the convenience was awesome.

I was very happy with this collection.

That said, orientaltrading has groups of this crap for SUPER cheap if you look right after Christmas.