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Poll: What's the funniest thing your kid says (or did say) incorrectly?
  • 50.6% - My child has always had perfect diction. 196
  • 49.4% - It's a good one. I'll tell you about it in the comments. 191
387 votes

Well, how do you fare compared to the Zeitgeist? Chat up your fellow wooters and let us know how lame this poll was or what obvious choices we missed. For example: Was this poll a) STUPID, b) DUMB, c) POINTLESS or d) ALL OF THE ABOVE?


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Toe Tats (Coca Cola)


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At 3 years old, he called Thomas the Tank Engines friend 'Percy' the word for a woman's whoo whoo or another name for a cat or a willow. It would have been his favorite train! He was obsessed with asking EVERYONE if they liked P*s*y. Including our then pastor (who was single), whom turned beet red.

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She said novies for movies. My nephew said "pinty montles" for everything he couldn't remember the name of.


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helips - helicopter blades


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My daughter has trouble saying Ls. It was rather amusing when we were in Ikea and she was excited to see all of the clocks.


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My daughter couldn't say "cobbler." She always said "clobbler."


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Mom, I have an emperator.

Took us years to figure out she meant temperature.


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Way back when my girl was tiny, I used to skin individual grapes for her with my teeth. You know, to make them less dangerous to eat/swallow. This took a few seconds per grape, and if course she could eat them faster than I could prepare them at which point she would say repeatedly and plaintively "Nana geep?" (Another grape?)


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Dracula fruitintail for fruit cocktail...

Edit: Stupid autoediting. Dracula = name for male member.


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Both my kids still say "ambliance" for ambulance. I like it.


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raisins woot (really used a word that has all the letters of shirt except the R)...funny thing was it was shortly after the blank change

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My nephew couldn't say Aunt, so he called me Nat. I'm still Nat 10 years later.


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Under Brella for umbrella

Catipitter for caterpillar


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My oldest son could not say 'fire truck' when he was small it came out as friar f**k. Adorable yes, shocking to his grandmother lol


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My four year old went crying to his mother because I told him that "his friend's name was a bad word". I was not aware that he had a friend named Asher, which sounded a lot more like "assole" the way he said it. I felt bad once I realized what he was trying to say.


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My son combined the words "flick" and "thump" to "f*ck". So he'd run around saying, "I'm gonna f*ck you!"
It took like 20 minutes of us asking him to repeat what he was saying before we figured it out.


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As a little girl my daughter saw a nickel on the floor of our car. After giving it to her to inspect a little better, she asks what the numbers are. That's a one, a nine, a seven and the last one is a nine. I then tell her that the numbers mean the year 1979. After some questions about the year she was born, she thinks awhile and says, "1979-that was the olden days"! Guess she was right!
My grandson also has a problem with his C's & K's Kitty Cat comes out "Titty Tat"! Good thing we don't have a cat


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biter = spider


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My 5 year old pronounces her name incorrectly. She say's "Anwaweena" her name is Angelina. She also says "Pimples" for when it's time to nurse her twin sisters, "Mom! give the babies your Pimples!" They are hungry ;o)


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In a crowded restaurant, my 2 year old yelled "Momeeeee I wanna FORK YOU!" He meant he wanted to hand me his fork so that I could feed him spaghetti with it.


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I got my daughter some classic books for christmas one year (I think she was 6). She was looking through them and reading off the titles (my mom was taping the unwrapping). When she got to the book about the old captain chasing the big white whale, she said "Mouldy D*^k". I said "Umm..What?". She looked at me and said it louder. I need to find that tape lol

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Kitty-pillar, for caterpillar.

I still crack up when I think about it.


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Our 18-month-old hasn't mastered the "B" sound yet, so he substitutes the "D" sound. When it's time to say goodbye to someone, he flashes a big smile, waves, and says "Die!"


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When Toy-Story 2 came out my nephew insisted on calling everyone a puck-head, only .. well you know


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Raw-babies . . .
AKA Rassberries.

"Can I eat some raw-babies?"


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Whenever we were stopped for a train to go by, my daughter always watched for the pagoose at the end of it.


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My daughter was six when we were getting an ultrasound to find out what our second baby was and the nurse said their is his little penis and my daughter jumps up and says "Peanuts? I love peanuts!", lol! She also, to the day (she's 12 now), says sue instead of sew, I have no idea why.


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My son had problems with the S sound when he was about 4-5. It always ended up being an F sound instead. The look on other peoples faces when he said "sucker" was always funny. We taught him to say lollipop instead.


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My kid used to refer to M&Ms as "meenas" and oatmeal as "umple."


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My son LOVED Chuck E Cheese growing up. He used to sing their theme song with them.

One day we were listening and realized he was singing....

The partiest, partiest cemetery...

it was supposed to be

The partiest, partiest place to be...

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My (almost) three year old daughter says "San Scanscisco". I ask her to say it often, it cracks me up! She recently began pronouncing Thursday correctly. She no longer says "Bursday". Poop... I love Bursday.


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My four year old daughter has recently been trying to compliment people with the word "defecating"...we think she means "devastating" because she told a princess at a princess party that "she looks defecating today" and "that's so defecating".


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Around age 2:

DD: Ewww I smell gunk.
Me: Uhh... you mean a skunk?
DD: Yeah! A gunk!

DD: Look! Lellow flowers

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Hangeber for Hamburger. My husb loved it so much that he encouraged it for years. lol


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Puzzle was...a@*hole. Hahahaha. Good times at daycare!