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Melissa & Doug Trunki Travel Bundle - 2 Colors

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Item: Melissa +%26 Doug Trunki Travel Bundle - 2 Colors
Price: $44.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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Let's learn all about melissa and doug


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Let's check out the product page


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The second they make these in adult size, I WILL BE THE QUEEN OF THE BAGGAGE LINE.

My children just outgrew these (physical weight limit wise) otherwise I'd get two. Online reviews are mixed, but basically if you have a strap to wrap around it in case the closure fails, you won't regret it!!


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Our kids (5 & 3) have these exact same two Trunkies! Every time we travel, the other kids waiting for flights look at ours kids scooting around with a look of both longing and jealousy. Our kids will likely use these until they are 8+. Heck, the kids love to play with them AT HOME!

And best of all, when daddy is traveling with a few heavy external hard drives and laptops, they are easily and securely rolled behind us rather than throwing out daddy's back.

I could not recommend these more! The saddles are nice, but would be better if they were a little bit bigger. Build quality on the Trunkies are excellent, save the drag along clips and rings, but ours haven't broken (yet) so I can't really complain.

If you have kids, or your friends have kids and you/they travel, buy these NOW!


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My kids outgrew them before they were even 5 years old; if you are going to get this, I think the age range would be more like 2 to 4. I can't even imagine an 8 year old on this!

We liked the concept but disappointed in the design. It doesn't seem as stable and is prone to tipping over at the worst times. The locking mechanism on the case is also pretty flawed (it pops off way too easily).

We found the Skootcase which is sometimes sold on here to be more stable and a bit sturdier. The latch to open it is more annoying, but at least it won't pop open while you're trying to put this in the overhead compartment.


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The first time we used it it suddenly tipped for no reason going around a slight curve and my daughter was almost killed.... See it tipped and spilled her right in front of an airport cart. The man hit the breaks and missed running over her head by 2 inches at most.

Then dh insisted we try it again but only on straight stretches.... During our second straight stretch a wheel fell off! When my husband examined it the wheel had melted! We were not going too fast either!

Also to make this crappy deal even worse these are 29.99 on amazon!

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auralia wrote:
Also to make this crappy deal even worse these are 29.99 on amazon!

It looks like the $30 ones on Amazon are just the case, not the travel bundle (which also includes a tote, saddlebag, and stickers)


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We also have one of these and agree with earlier comments. They're fun and cute and the kids really like them.

But they're a huge pain to open and close, they tip over very easily, and if your kids tend to the wild side, they can really piss off other passengers in a crowded airline terminal, as harried travelers usually aren't looking for a knee-height toddler scooting across the floor.


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We purchased a Skootcase from Woot awhile ago and it is fantastic. The thing that makes it work was that the child can steer the case. Until my 3 year old got the hang of it, he would tip over, so I cannot imagine these being safe to use small kids with no steering mechanism.