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Woot-Off Carty Favors

Imagine how annoying grocery shopping would be if you had to push each item through the checkout in its own cart - and pay an extra five bucks for each one. Don't do that to your Woot-Off. Load some of these bits and pieces into your cart so that when you do see that Woot-Off item of your dreams, you can all check out together like one big happy overstock remainder family.


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The Yak Pak Messenger bags are awesome. I bought one last time Woot had them. I'm so glad that I did. We use it as a diaper bag and it was great for when we went to Disneyland & Sea World this past week. It has 2 large pockets in the inside. Zipper pocket on the flap. & a small pocket on the side. I love this bag.


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Price on that Nerf N-Strike is a little high:
Amazon has it for $22.49

So does Toys R Us [MOD: +8 shipping]
And free in-store pick up.


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I really wanted to get a set of the pop sock monkeys... but there wasn't a set. Just one lonely monkey and that wasn't enough (or too much, with shipping, for just one) to meet the gift-giving needs.

Woot needs to find flying screaming monkeys whose eyes pop....

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