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Boppy: Comfy Comfy Comfy

What's more comfy than sitting on the back of your poor tortured golden retriever? A comfy Boppy! Also much better than a fat kitty with a twitching tail. Really. Order one before that cat flips out.

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Really good deal on a very useful item. It is a great help when nursing and also great for propping the baby up for working on neck control and when it is time to learn to sit. They run about $30 in the store. HIGHLY recommended for new parents.


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I agree with Dave. Any new parent NEEDS to have one of these. You will thank me later.


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I hated the Boppy for nursing - was much more comfortable using just a regular bed pillow. However, I'm still happy I bought one because it was great for helping support him while he learned to sit on his own. I could walk away and not worry that he would fall backwards or topple to the side if he reached for something, etc.
I also find it very comfortable for myself to sit on or lay across when I am down on the floor playing with him!


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The Breast Friend is better for nursing or feeding, but terrible for propping and tummy time. I'm getting the boppy and retiring the Breast Friend.


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The baby sure seems to like it.


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I originally bought ours when my youngest was a baby but the Boppy pillow is also great for injuries. My daughter broke her arm and needed to keep it elevated on a pillow. A regular bed pillow would constantly shift around as she moved even a little bit and it was painful for her arm. The Boppy was perfect for her broken arm since it wrapped around her waist, stayed completely still and kept her arm well elevated. Definitely not what the company had in mind but it worked great for that purpose! I always recommend a Boppy pillow to anyone with an arm or shoulder injury.


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Really can't beat it for the price. These things are usually around $30 at the store without a cover... Definitely in for one!