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Melissa & Doug: Doug & Melissa

Melissa & Doug want your child to have fun, in a safe way. They also want your child to be safe, in a fun way. Thankfully, those two goals are easy to interlock.


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The crayon and sticker book travel bundles make great birthday gifts to keep on hand for parties through out the year.


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My kids have the Princess Castle set as well as the Royal Family set. They love the toys and the wooden princess castle is very sturdy and seems built to last.


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The mailbox is adorable but it breaks fast. We had one and it lasted about 4 months. So now we just have the letters and stamps that velcro together.
The pieces of wood in between the mailbox slots break very easily and we had to throw the mailbox out after it became a safety hazard. I emailed M&D but they never responded.

We also have the Deluxe Magic set here and that's held up well for a few years now. My kids of all ages have had a blast with all the different pieces of that.

We have a bunch of Melissa and Doug toys here and they tend to either last a long time or fall apart quickly. Unfortunately, we've had quite a few things fall apart quickly.


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Anyone know approx. size on the dolls?


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sjperry wrote:Anyone know approx. size on the dolls?

Looking at the package on Amazon... It's 11.5" tall. The dolls are shorter than half that so I'm guessing 3.5 - 4". That's purely a guess though.

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