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Poll: How old is old enough for makeup?
  • 2.5% - Whenever they ask. 16
  • 46.1% - In the house? Any time! Otherwise, around the time they start dating. 299
  • 38.2% - I think when they can use their own money. 248
  • 6.5% - Depends on what their friends do. I'd ask other parents and see. 42
  • 6.8% - Some other answer I’ll put in the comments. 44
649 votes

Well, how do you fare compared to the Zeitgeist? Chat up your fellow wooters and let us know how lame this poll was or what obvious choices we missed. For example: Was this poll a) STUPID, b) DUMB, c) POINTLESS or d) ALL OF THE ABOVE?


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Why on earth do people think they need makeup? 99.999% of all girls I know look fine without it. Seriously you all look great.


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My daughter learned how to do makeup early because she was in theater. She never overdid it, being intelligent enough to know the difference between casual and stage makeup, and it didn't transform her into a floozie. No big deal. Makeup and nails are a fun, inoffensive thing girls can do together if they want, including younger ones with grown up supervision.


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My daughters learned to use makeup for special occasions and not every day use.


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Most women do not need makeup, but they are inundated by commercials that tey do without being told how bad makeup is for the skin.
Makeup is not to be worn until 16 and then only sparingly


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In the house any time, go for it! Practice makes perfect. Plus she does some amazing special effects looks, it might be her calling. She made her little brother look like a zombie once and another time she made him look like he was a boxer, it was a little freaky how real the bruises looked. She loves to do all sorts of looks, not just girly dress up stuff.

But I was a teenage girl once. In Jr High, I felt the pressure to wear make-up like all the other girls. SO we have told our daughter we will consider mascara in Jr High. High school, its her choice,(to a point) but by time I got in high school I didn't wear it anymore. I'd rather sleep as much as I could and I think a lot of girls are that way now-a-days too.
Time will tell in our house. She's just turning 10 so I have a little time before the battle begins.


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Less is more, so I am going with "Never."


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When they can buy, apply, remove and clean it up so there is no trace of it they are old enough to use it. Until then keep that mess out of my house.


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I, for the most part, don't wear makeup. Once in a while maybe a little foundation and that's it. My four year old daughter LOVES face paint so I bought a kit and we do lots of face painting. As long as she is loving that, we don't seem to even think about makeup. Overall, I don't have a specific age that I would allow it. If she had a blemish or something she wanted to cover then I would allow it at just about any age (I think). But full blown eye shadow, mascara, blush, lipstick - I hope she never feels she needs all that. IF she does want that stuff then definitely much older - maybe 16 - and lots of lessons on how a little goes a long way. LOL, I was maybe 12 when I decided I wanted to wear makeup (a couple of my friends wore a ton of it) so they decided to take me shopping and "teach" me how to use it. LOTS of bright pinks and sparkles all over my face. School pictures that year were a solid blue backdrop. As soon as I saw THAT contrast, I stopped wearing makeup. ;)


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Mom bought simple makeup for my sis and myself when we were in 8th grade and taught us how to use it sparingly; we mostly did lip gloss and a bit of neutral eye shadow. I'm glad that she did, because some of my classmates were caked in foundation. I'm now nearing 40 and my make-up is still on the less side (only tinted SPF moisturizer foundation with subtle coloring for eyes and lips).


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likeaboss6 wrote:Why on earth do people think they need makeup? 99.999% of all girls I know look fine without it. Seriously you all look great.



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I think that if my daughter wanted to wear a small amount of make-up, ie: mascara, lipgloss-- something very tasteful-- I would let her at a pretty young age- maybe 13? But for eyeshadow, and "real" makeup she would need to be more like 16 or older. The girls are so pretty, they don't need that crap. Why smear stuff all over when they are so young and pretty?? Just makes them look cheap. -- However, if it is a matter of trying to fit in a bit, I can see that to a point. I want them to be themselves, but I do understand that while at school you do have to be somewhat like everyone else.

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