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Poll: How did your oldest take to your youngest?
  • 29.9% - Love at first site. What a great older sibling! 200
  • 22.1% - I think the word is "toleration." Sort of like a dog with a kitten. 148
  • 5.8% - Oh, so much jealousy. But they're better now. 39
  • 2.8% - They've never really gotten along. I don't know what to do. 19
  • 39.4% - I don't have kids BUT DEMAND I HAVE AN EQUAL VOICE IN ALL THINGS 264
670 votes

Well, how do you fare compared to the Zeitgeist? Chat up your fellow wooters and let us know how lame this poll was or what obvious choices we missed. For example: Was this poll a) STUPID, b) DUMB, c) POINTLESS or d) ALL OF THE ABOVE?


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It was her first sister, after 2 boys, so she was extremely excited.


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Missing an option for only having One kid! Then you don't have to deal with all that!


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Love at first "site"!? C'mon...


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Speaking as the oldest sibling, I COULD NOT WAIT to have a little brother! I wouldn't even let my grandma hold him when she took me to the hospital.


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My oldest, a girl, is 14years older than my youngest, a boy. They are now 44 and 30 and are still best buds. We have five children altogether and the first, second, (another girl), and fifth are very close.


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We have 18 years between the first and, what we think, is our baby, (he is now 6.) He was born instantly popular with his 6 siblings. He also was born with a cranial deformity- no "soft spot". Once we knew he was born okay- no monster-looking creature- the condition was corrected at 12 weeks of age. Once he recovered, he had stitches ear to ear from the surgery which was a bit scary for the younger kids (and a few very stupid and tacky adults), he regained his popularity and title as Prince of the pride! To date he has maintained his place as prince. Such a cutie. Some kids were born to be the baby of the family, he seems to be that child. It suits him well.


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I selected: "Love at first site. What a great older sibling!"

They are all we have and are 12 years apart. They're adopted and when you adopt you take what you can get. Our eldest is a boy we adopted at 9 and our youngest is a girl we brought home from the maternity hospital in Tokyo @ 8 days. She was beautiful as a newborn and is still beautiful 33 years later. Our son and daughter love each other fiercely. Disparaging words about one are fighting words to the other. Our son lives 800 miles away so they do not get to see one another often but they call and video chat regularly. I raised them both that family is important - so long as they act like family. The rule is "Kin does for kin." But the first corollary is "Kin is as kin does." If my younger brother were to show up at my son's place, he would probably be given 15 seconds to get off the property before he was shot. But then my "former" younger brother has made some awful remarks about both my son and my daughter in my son's hearing. My son no longer considers him kin. Merely a target.


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I have twins. They have tormented each other since they learned to roll over to pull each others hair.


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I only have one, this way there are no fights. Also, I know the dog didn't "make the mess." She uses that a lot.


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My oldest and youngest are 19 years apart. Little sister has big brother wrapped completely around her whole hand and it's been that way since the first time he laid eyes on her. Someday my boy is going to make a great dad. (but not any time soon)


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I selected "love at first sight" and that is totally what happened. My son was four years old when his sister was born, and he loved her before he ever saw her. She followed him around like a puppy dog when they were small, and we finally had to put a baby gate across his doorway to keep her out of his non-babyproof toys.

Unfortunately, as time has gone on, things have gotten tougher. My son has Aspergers Syndrome and his differences have been rough on his sister. She was mostly great with him for years, but now that they are "adults" their relationship has hit a really rough spot. She is engaged, brother doesn't approve of her young man, fiancé doesn't "get" her brother, Mom & Dad are sick about it all.

Sorry for the vent. I miss my babies who loved each other madly.



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Hey, where's the singleton option on the poll? The dog tolerates the kid. Does that count?


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I'm almost 3 years older than my brother. We've always gotten along great. Now ask him the same thing.


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I only have 1 kid.

Who is a handful for me and the wife..


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We'll find out next month.

-Heather (First Burgandy Olfactory Center 12/6/11)


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SiIyRabbit wrote:Missing an option for only having One kid! Then you don't have to deal with all that!

My thoughts exactly! With only one, she just fights with us and the pets.


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Siblings who are in "love at first site" (sic) are creepy.

Darth Vader


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My oldest and youngest were born 57 seconds apart. They won't go anywhere or do anything without the other. Every book I read said we should try to enforce the individualiality and independent. And that each child should have his own undivided attention from the parents. So, my husband took one to the park while I took the other shopping. They enjoyed the undivided attention for 5 minutes. Then they started asking where the other was. They were so happy to see each other after an hour of separation. If I hand one a piece of candy, he always ask for another one for his brother. Dang! I wish I had a twin.


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aletsm wrote:Love at first "site"!? C'mon...



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elchasqui wrote:+1

I hope it was done on purpose, but these days, who nos....