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Baby Furniture: The Metamorphosis

One day, your child will awake in their beds to find they are, well, something different. Until that day, they'll sleep soundly knowing that you've bought them some quality furniture. And, uh, be kind to insects you meet in the future, okay? Just throwing that out there.
Southshore official site


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Same crib, same price, Walmart.

I am sad woot, you used to have great deals.


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Same item, same price, no shipping fee: http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B008P7OKUG


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The expresso armoire is $172.98 with Free Shipping at Best Buy

Woot's price: 169.99 + $5 shipping

Amazon has it for 169.98 with free shipping.

You just can't trust the prices on these woot plus sales.


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The crib is nice I just bought one. Avoid the dresser/changing table/door chest at all costs. These things are el cheapo pressed board, have some of the most ridiculous assembly instructions ever created, and are not worth the money.