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The Shrunks

Well, it's finally happened. A company with a name meaning so complex that we can't fit it all within our character limits. The Shrunks combine Greek, psychology, a guard dog, and the German word for "closet" all at once. Seriously, if they think that hard about just their name, their product HAS to be incredible.


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The bed rail is nice and all, but I just use a thick pool noddle. Works great, no chance of leaks and 1/4 of the price.


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the pink suitcase shows an embroidered 's' on the side.. is this supposed to be customizable or to they all come with an embroidered 's' ?

I've noticed that some people list all their woot purchases in their signature. Me? No way, no how. I don't even want to acknowledge to myself, much less anyone else, just how much $$ I've spent on woot crap since 2006.


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Shrunk is the nightclub-running axolotl in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

For whatever it's worth.


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finzup wrote:the pink suitcase shows an embroidered 's' on the side.. is this supposed to be customizable or to they all come with an embroidered 's' ?

All are 'S'.... for Skrunks.

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We have the travel air bed for my daughter, and it has been great. My husband kept asking why we didn't just get a cheap twin airbed to use, but after having probably 5 or 6 instances of fitting the smaller mattress into a nook or cranny of a hotel room or tent he agreed it was worth the price. 3 different times we made a "fort" in the closet nook of a hotel room for her and it worked great. Even at a tall age 6 she still fits on it but probably by next year she will outgrow it. The only thing I wish it had was a bumper on the ends too because she doesn't tend to roll off sideways, she scoots up and off the head end. We just try to make sure it's up against a wall or has a pillow wedged onto it.

The pump that comes with it is nice too, it has the different nozzle attachments and we have used it to inflate everything around our house including beach balls and pool floaties.

I second the pool noodle bumper if you can get one, but I definitely see the use of the inflatable one if you are traveling and need the extra space.