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Boon Baby

You'd get up to give them a 4 AM glass of water. You'd get up to check on the closet monster and make sure he's not slacking off. So why not give your child some of these Boon products they would be craving if only they knew how to shop online?


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Love our Lawn. It's cute and holds a metric crapton of stuff in it. Our household's current record is 13 Dr. Brown's (plus all the parts) 8oz bottles drying simultaneously. I highly recommend picking up a couple of the accessories:



We have two of the flowers and use them for drying nipples and rings.

The only gripe I have is that you have to be diligent with washing it. I purchased ours explicitly because it didn't have a drain spout on it: our previous bottle rack soaked our counters and warped our cabinets. But that means that the water just sits in the bottom of the tray until it either evaporates or is manually tipped out. If we don't clean it every week or so, hello mold and mildew! The tray at the bottom will start turning black and smell atrocious. If we stay on top of cleaning it out it's no big deal.

Overall, love it.