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XOLO Schoolz NCAA Licensed Shoes

You want to show your college pride? If your college is in the NCAA, you can do that here! With shoes! Hey, don't laugh, half the fun of sports is going to great lengths to show your spirit.


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No Georgia Tech? Boo!


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I was going to whine about there being no ALABAMA but who cares, we have 15 National Championships! :D


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BethC wrote:I was going to whine about there being no ALABAMA but who cares, we have 15 National Championships! :D

But I want the shoes too. I'd wear them to watch us win #16.


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What -- Auburn-- and no ALABAMA !! We need some Roll Tide Roll shoes !!


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Don't worry if they don't have your team. I bought these for my 6 yr old (not in team colors, in subdued tones) and he wore them once to a special occasion (so no horsing around, just normal walking & such), had them on a total of MAYBE 4 hrs & the seam began coming apart at the back of one heel. I repaired it, as I do sew & have upholstery curved needles & figured it was a fluke UNTIL XOLOS came up on woot again later & others reported similar issues. Since then they have disintegrated & become total play in the mud shoes for when I don't want to ruin his good shoes.

I should have reported the initial problem to woot, but figured it was maybe just my pair OR that it was just that seam. I am very disappointed to see that same brand come up on here over & over again after so many have posted previously, like me, that the quality is far from even a $20 price tag, much less the stated MSRP. They are hands down the worst pair of shoes i have ever purchased for my kids I can easily look into each kid's tote & count 10-15 pair that fit them TODAY. I have a "shoe thing" I guess. LOL My point is, seeing woot continue to supply a substandard product as a "deal" is making me feel the way so many others have posted about it turning into a way for amazon to pawn off crap it can't sell there. I am a reasonable person. I don't expect Manolo Blahniks for $20...I DO expect a child can walk around for 4 hrs in a pair of shoes BEFORE they start to fall apart & if others have said similar things like I have, I don't know...maybe quit pawning them off on here? Just a thought.

spending my kid's college funds one woot off at a time


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SEC representing! Too bad the shoes fall apart.


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Oy. Again with these crappy shoes? Not only do they fall apart, but the company posted fake reviews last time in response to actual customers who warned potential wooters.