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GeoToys Puzzles and Globes

So you've made it on to your favorite TV game show, and you're just one round away from winning it all. But how are you expected to know the capital city of Zimbabwe with those annoying a capella singers doo-wopping in your ear? Just focus, tune them out, and think back to your puzzles. You got this.
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Oh My Failing Grades!.... I am a grandmom of school aged kids AND a geography prof. I fell into a purchasing frenzy -- a 36" globe... size does matter. Skip the world map ones using the Mercator projection unless your world has already been warped by the Web Mercator.


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I am TheMapman and I approve this deal.


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Puzzles are a great way for kids to learn geography. We've had a ton of them over the years, along with shower curtain maps, fridge magnet maps, and an assortment of map games and my kids can pin point any state, capital and country on any map.

They're getting older now so we've moved on to the periodic table of elements shower curtain, cards and again, fridge magnets. If you make it fun, kids can enjoy learning.

I'm picking up a couple of these for my younger neices and nephews. I hope they have as much fun with them as my kids did.


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I'm picturing great classroom games for those 36" globes... or maybe in the gym.

Name a country, toss the ball. Person that catches it, has to find that country.


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