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Dr.Seuss 3-Pack Floor Puzzles-2 Choices!

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Item: Dr.Seuss 3-Pack Floor Puzzles-2 Choices!
Price: $9.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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PRODUCT IS NOT MADE IN USA - IT IS MADE IN CHINA. I got this last time and Woot still has not refunded money or responded to my e-mails.


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Check out these comments from the last sale nearly a month ago


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wakinc wrote:PRODUCT IS NOT MADE IN USA - IT IS MADE IN CHINA. I got this last time and Woot still has not refunded money or responded to my e-mails.

I'm sorry to hear that your emails have not been responded to. I recommend that you check the spam folder of your email provider as sometimes their responses get filtered there.

I'll forward your post along to them myself and see if I can't generate a response.


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Feedback stolen from a previous post:

I've now got 6 of these Dr. Seuss 48 piece puzzles. My 3 year old loves them. A couple of things to note that should answer some of the questions above.

1. The pieces are only cut in a couple different shapes meaning that the puzzles pieces are basically interchangeable and can be put together in almost any pattern. This did make it confusing for my son as he would put two pieces together, and they would fit... but the image didn't look right. In a previous woot, this was mentioned in the posts. A person who claimed to be the rep that sold these puzzles to woot chimed in to say that this issue had been fixed by the manufacturer. I have gotten 3 more puzzles since that was claimed, all 3 had the same issue.

2. The quality of construction is pretty decent. The pieces edges are holding up really well... my puzzles get a lot of use. However, the pieces are fairly thin and over time have began to warp a little. This makes them not sit flat on the floor/table so if you bump the puzzle the pieces tend to come apart.

3. The puzzles comes in a nice box with a carrying handle... they store really well.

4. I wouldn't suggest paying the $13.33 list price per puzzle... but at $5 I think its worth it... I now have 3 more on the way.

ThunderThighs wrote:Hey all. We have some information on the puzzle shapes from the company that makes these puzzles.

The puzzles are made for young children so while the pieces may fit together in a pattern other than what the image shows, the reasoning is young children tend to force things when trying to assemble a puzzle. This design feature ensures the puzzle is not damaged by the child and that it can ultimately be put together correctly. It encourages the child to get it right and reinforces image recognition.

I agree thet the idea that puzzles should be more than just the shapes fitting. I worked with my son early on to look at the colors and images of the puzzle.


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Everyone loves Dr. Suess!!!

These puzzles make a great gift!


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Hoo diddy and a wowza! In for all six! Maybe I'll be driving myself crazy when my 4 little local g'kids come over -- dealing with that interchangeable puzzle piece issue. But, whatever. Maybe I'll just scream at them and force them to only get one puzzle out at a time, and oh yeah, be sure that they put that one away in the box before getting out the next one. Yeah, that'll work. I'll scream at them. Keep things straight.


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wakinc wrote:PRODUCT IS NOT MADE IN USA - IT IS MADE IN CHINA. I got this last time and Woot still has not refunded money or responded to my e-mails.

I've confirmed with our sample that these puzzles are in fact MADE IN CHINA. The specs have been revised to reflect this. I apologize for the mistake, and the trouble it may have caused. Please see my PM regarding your refund.

Email customer service: support@woot.com for order problems ~OR~ Use the Support form linked at the top of every page.