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Playin' Dress Up

When a grown-up dresses up, it's for attention, or maybe to win a prize for a radio station contest. But when a kid does it, it's the sweetest most adorable thing ever! So let your kids enjoy make-believe while it's still socially acceptable for them to do so. After age 16, it's comic conventions only.


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Interesting photoshop job on the lollapaloozy (who cares how to spell that) wigs...


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ambergreen wrote:Interesting photoshop job on the lollapaloozy (who cares how to spell that) wigs...

Seriously... I'm not sure who did that photoshop job, but those children are not actually wearing those costumes.

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We have the Lalaloopsy Pillow costume and the wig is a hot mess -- my kiddo can't even wear it because the hair sticks out at a bizarre angle from the wig itself and falls right off her head. Beware!

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Yes, indeedy. Those wigs are photo shopped and for a good reason too. The fit is awful, glue bits stuck out everywhere and they itch like mad.
My twin girls are Lalaloopsy nutty. We have all the costumes sold here with the exception of Bea Spells a Lot.
OK, yes the wigs are horrendous and don't fit. On Halloween we tried to secure them to their heads with a ribbon bow tied under their chins. The wigs were just too itchy.
That said, my girls love these costumes anyway. We purchased them over a year ago and they were again wearing them tonight. The costumes themselves have held up extraordinarily well. My girls are really, really rough on items, constantly breaking stuff and these costumes are still standing.
I purchased them on Walmart for a cheaper price on clearance and would do it again. Despite the crappy wigs.
Perfect for the Lalaloopsy fan in your house. They fit true to size.


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How do the boys outfits fit?

Like... I have a kid who wears a size 5T in toddler clothes and a size 4 in little boy garb. He wears a 5t in little boy pants.

Would he be too small for the "Small"? Would it be snug, where I would have to worry about it not fitting come halloween?


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Thought about the princess costume for my nieces...ages 5 and 7, but neither of them have waists that are sized 25-30 inches. 30 is like my size waist...WAIT...my size?...I hope it comes with a tiara!!!