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Locker Accessories from Locker Lookz

Yes, everybody hears the "next year, at the new school" horror stories and none of them ever come true. But if it helps to reassure your nervous kid by getting them a few locker goodies, where's the harm? Fill up that cart! FILL IT!

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A chip-clip type pincher thing would have have also been a good accessory to put in this collection to help make easy access to important things like a homework assignment, permission slip, or lunch ticket...


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Well why didn't you say GIRL's locker accessories? Boys are usually the ones who really need the help with organization...


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On the Locker Lookz website, you can use a design tool to figure out what you want your locker to look like. Do you want the blue or the green mirror?


Is it weird that I'm not a teenager and I'm decorating my work locker at the power plant? Don't answer that.


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OK, this is weird but I ordered the little cup thingies to attach to my fridge to hold measuring spoons, my instant read thermometer etc. They work perfectly! Considering they are hideous, I'm going to buy some contact paper or duct tape and cut off the big ugly "rhinestone" (looks like a plastic toddler's ring), but these are great for people with tiny kitchens.


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Bleh, I need something to organize my sheets of material and battlebot, these are useless.

It does give me the idea of using contact paper on the vinyl cutter though...

Still single, can't imagine why.


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Awww, there's no little Woot monkey for sale! That's what I'd put in my cart to relax my nervous kid.