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Premium Spirit Outdoor Shoes - 8 Colors

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Item: Premium Spirit Outdoor Shoes - 8 Colors
Price: $11.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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Oh good, finally some outdoor shoes. My kids have been trapped for years inside because of their indoor shoes.


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I was looking for something my kid could wear so he could be picked on and made fun of......thanks woot!


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mkentosh wrote:I was looking for something my kid could wear so he could be picked on and made fun of......thanks woot!

Yeah. Seriously, if you are a grandparent, uncle/aunt, etc., thinking about getting this as a gift, DON'T. Especially if you will be there when it's opened.

However, for a hated sibling, it's perfect —
"Mom, Jimmy won't wear the shoes I got him!"...


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Morning folks. Wanted to let you know that the designation of "boys" or "girls" shoes is by DAWGS but there's no difference in the size of the shoe. The only difference is color and a label on the box. So if your boy wants navy/lime or your girl wants the red/black, get them. Just take the shoes out of the box before you give the them to to your boy or girl.

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Look like they would work well for camping. Water/dirt friendly and scrubbable.