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Graco Gear

Your child likes to sit, right? Yeah, there's nothing better than sitting. Be it in the car, or the restaurant, or the hot air balloon… it's all about sitting. Why not get some of these sitting accessories to help your baby sit with glee?


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The high chair is $124.99 on Amazon...


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I have this exact carseat.

It fits nicely in our car and is pretty easy to use. There are two big considerations, however:

1. It's heavy. Really heavy. Even when he was fresh out of the oven, it was a PITA to carry around with my son in it. He's 16 pounds now and we're switching to a convertible car seat because it's frankly just too heavy. And at 27 inches, while he's not at the "maximum" size, he's large enough that getting him in and out while leaving the car seat in the car is like wrangling an alligator.

2. The car seat bases for these are pretty expensive: $45~50 a piece. Other buckets run a little cheaper.

I don't regret buying it; it's worked for us. It attaches into pretty much any Graco stroller like a breeze, which is nice if we're in a hurry. But I think I would have passed on this one and gotten something a bit less bulky.


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I have 2 Grandbabies due two weeks apart and this swing is great. I bought one and like it so much I bought the second one this time. Great swing for a great price.


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I have this exact high chair. I LOVE it and so does my son. There is even a newborn insert that makes the chair nice and cushy/snuggly if you wanted to use it when they are tiny. It also converts to a booster seat you can attached to a kitchen chair. So happy with this high chair!!


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#1 rated car seat for a great price. We love it!!