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DAWGS Footwear

DAWGS aren't for your hands. DAWGS aren't for your waist. DAWGS aren't for your ears or eyes. DAWGS aren't even for your other, less polite body parts. DAWGS are for your feet. USE DAWGS AS DIRECTED.
USA DAWGS official site


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These are great. Bought a bunch for my daughter last time. Fit is true to size. I even put them on the top rack of the dishwasher for cleaning. The white, light pink etc. can get very dirty looking...just throw in the dishwasher...no shrinking or melting...even on heated dry.


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I will definitely get more once the toddler size are offered again. My 2 year old daughter loves them and they have not gotten torn up with her rough play like her other sandals that were $20+.