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Discovery Kids Cardboard Blocks-2 Colors

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A Meh Review from Amazon

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Warning: Too much awesome to be contained in such a small space


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Some good comments from when these were sold as a bundle back in April


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red or purple?? looks blue to me...


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ScotiaLee wrote:red or purple?? looks blue to me...

Haha, oops, just noticed Bluish purple when you go to order, nice.


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I have fond memories of playing with similar blocks in my Grandparents basement for countless hours with my cousins.

The blocks they had then had flaps that folded into the middle, making a central internal support that went from top to bottom. As kids we could stand and jump on them without damaging the block. I cannot tell from the pictures if these are similar.


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I had blocks like this when I was a kid, don't know what brand they were, but I recall them holding up pretty well. Great if you want to build something quick that you don't need to stay together too long, otherwise the big Lego/Duplo/etc. are nice. Also good if you have little ones not ready for that kind of building blocks yet.

I also recall having more colors and different shapes, specifically some yellow blocks, and some that were squares or smaller rectangles. (They were all the same width/height but they had different lengths, the small ones were 1 unit, the square were two and the big ones were three) They allowed for some more creativity but these should do just fine for most purposes.


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How many sets do you think you'd need to build something decent, like maybe a small fort?


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Like some before me...I had these blocks as a kid (and I'm 61!) and we played with them for hours! I think my folks got us 2 sets....
Our favorite thing to build was a throne! I'd highly recommend them!!


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Are there 24 or 12 in a set? The description differs from the specs.


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The "meh" review on Amazon was complaining about the color and believed they were too expensive so not really a decent commentary on the toy.

I don't have any of this brand, we have a set of Melissa and Doug cardboard blocks. In scouring pictures on the Internet, these Discovery Kids ones have the same construction and are folded the same way (folded in toward the middle which gives them strength.)

These are just big blocks which are really the ones my kiddo wants! Our set has a bunch of half size & quarter sized blocks - we really just want a bunch of big ones! This will be a great addition.

For decent fort building you would really want three sets in my opinion ... they need to be tall enough to provide a good impediment for the ogre (usually portrayed by my husband) to invade and knock down. Be careful of cardboard paper cuts when folding, those hurt like a #%*!


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FYI, these are a slightly smaller dimension than the large M&D blocks for those like us who are adding to existing building stock. The large red ones from M&D sets are 12" L x 6 " W x 3" H

Shouldn't be a huge problem, we will just use those as the base then add these for height


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I feel like I'm missing part of the joke in the blurb, and it's driving me nuts. What's with all the spelling errors?


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ViralAnomaly wrote:Are there 24 or 12 in a set? The description differs from the specs.

go by the specs.
i'll see about getting the discrepancy addressed. thanks for pointing it out.

Not sure if you should post that? This slightly-nsfw-flowchart will help.