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4th of July Sale!

Ah, Independence Day! A great day for our nation, even if the freedom thing has been a little weird lately. But America's not based on what it. It's based on what could be. So buy some stuff, it'll make you feel better! Capitalism cures everything!

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Bought the Slushy Magic Deluxe a while ago and it really works like a charm! :D

If the cubes are relatively solid when you use them, you get a really firm slush after about 3-4 minutes of rolling/shaking the cup. So far I've been using a layer of saran wrap as protection between the cap/cup to keep the unit from spilling and it works for noncarbonated drinks but soda ALWAYS leaks. I'd recommend either using flat soda or just being extremely gentle when rolling around the soda since shaking is what causes it to start coming out of the small hole.

I've used it about 30~ times since I got it in the mail and it's given me a nice slushy every time

So my tips for anyone who is skeptical or is having trouble getting theirs to work properly:
1) Use extra protection between the lid and cup to keep the drink from spilling when you shake/swirl/roll/whatever
2) Avoid sodas unless you really want one (I tend to use soda anyway and risk the leakage)
3) Make sure the cubes are VERY firm... if they're not near frozen and still somewhat squishy, you have to freeze them more
4) Make sure the drink you are using is quite cold as a room temperature drink will cause the 'cubes' to melt faster

Be aware that the unit WILL spill if you shake it as is without extra protection. I'm not sure why they put such a thin gasket in there, but unfortunately, that's why a lot of people end up with messes.


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Thanks for sharing your experiences and recommendations!


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No problem!

A lot of people seem to say that the Slushy Magic doesn't work, but it works perfectly for me. In fact, I'm using it to make a citrus melon slushy right now. :P

Also, something I accidentally left out last night... shake it above the sink to avoid a sticky floor, but I guess I thought it was obvious if spillage was possible. I have used normal fruit juices away from the sink with success, but maybe I was just lucky, haha.


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Only one size for the Mickey Boardshort? That's… disappointing.

woot's a hoot.


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haydesigner wrote:Only one size for the Mickey Boardshort? That's… disappointing.

Sorry. We've sold them a few times before. This is the remaining inventory.

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