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Movies For The Rest Of Summer

Studios rush to make that money in May and June, then just give up. Now it's the heat of summer and there's nothing cool to watch! So just buy some of these movies and chill on the couch. And if you miss the theater experience, just pour a two liter in a cup and light a ten dollar bill on fire.


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Just a FYI, the HP set is $53 with free shipping @ Newegg.

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Does anyone know if this box set comes with digital copies or Ultraviolet copies?


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It is not the same version

Narfcake wrote:Just a FYI, the HP set is $53 with free shipping @ Newegg.


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dallaspeach wrote:It is not the same version

True. The Newegg Blu-ray set is 11 discs. This one is only 8.


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I don't understand why these can't be shipped to an APO address. It would fit in a mailbox. I'm kind of tired of not being able to order little things. I can understand a 42" TV needing a physical address, but a DVD case, really?


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Ditto... where has the APO love gone, Woot?