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Plum Mushed Up Foods

Remember the days of being a toddler? When your taste buds would crave such delicious flavor combinations as Apple & Spinach and Cherry & Corn? Too bad there weren't these Plum snacks when we were kids. We had to settle for fruit without an accompanying vegetable -- how did we cope?


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We've had the granola. It's not too sweet and both my kids like it. I feel like there's A LOT in the bag but it gets everywhere. They are great-out door snack, but can create quite a mess indoors.


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Tried to buy Strawberry last time. Woot messed up our order and sent us Apple Spinach Yogurt...4 boxes mind you.

I found these to taste horrible...maybe that's too strong a word, but definitely not something I would want to reach for - but my kids found it not so bad so I guess I found someone to get these off my hands.

Unfortunately it's going to take a while to get through 4 boxes of Apple Freaking Spinach Yogurt without help.

Oh, did I mention the order was supposed to be for ME!