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No family should have to drink water without the proper flavor enhancements. Seriously, we can't imagine why anyone would wish that on someone. PLAIN water? Are you kidding? Ugh. So disgusting. Thankfully we've got these Sturdrinks to make your water taste like something else. It's the least we could do.


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I purchased these for 1 cent less on a previous Woot offer. Kudos to Stur for creating a stevia-sweetened product that isn't bitter. The flavor is nice but much weaker than other alternatives (like MiO). You really do need to squeeze the bottle for the full 10 seconds, so it goes fast (and I'm someone who likes very lightly flavored water with this type of product). The strawberry in particular does this odd color change thing where the red fades, but it doesn't impact the flavor.

We are trying to get away from artifical sweeteners, so we would be more likely to purchase this than MiO, despite the fact that we like the flavor of the latter better. However, we reach for the ice tea sweetened with stevia over the Stur.


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I tried all flavors last time this was offered.

Pros: Stevia sweetened, true flavors, bottle design works well, easy to transport, tastes good.

Cons: Strawberry flavor could stain clothing, Hard to tell when you have squeezed enough, have to use measuring spoon to get consistent flavor, Orange Mango did not smell or taste appealing to me, lastly expensive.

I kept the bottles to fill with craft paints, fyi.

Overall if you don't mind the expense it is much better for you than aspartame or other bad for you chemical sweetener.

I woot, therefore I am.



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List price may be $24 but Amazon has them for $20 and Prime shipping. If you have Prime and are only buying one flavor, Amazon is a better deal (barely!). I want to try the variety pack and the Orange Mango, but it is good to know that if I really like them I will be able to get more for not that much more money than the woot deal.


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I bought the variety pack a couple of months ago.

I use a one or two second squirt per large glass so I'm really just getting a subtle hint of flavor. I was surprised that I really like both the strawberry and the orange/mango flavor a lot. I was even more surprised that I don't like the lemonade flavor, which I expected to be my favorite.

I am planning on buying more of these now, if I can find something else for the cart, or in the near future.


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Got the variety pack and having trouble getting through them. Not a big fan of how they taste plus you have to use a LOT per the instructions on the side of the bottle to get any kind of sweetness. Side of the bottle says to squeeze for TEN SECONDS for a 'lightly sweet' serving.


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Stevia is no better than any other artificial sweetener. Since when does it get to claim "all natural" and "no artificial sweeteners"? What they do to that plant can hardly be considered "natural".

Tastes just as bad as all the rest, I say.

Sweetness does not come naturally with zero calories. I just doesn't.


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Almost same (price+shipping) at Amazon if you have Prime.