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Playhut Hexagon Hut

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My first ever comment here - but I had to tell y'all....

These pop-up play tents ROCK!

My boys are too big now to really use it (ages 8 and 10) but I will say that aside from blocks, this pop-up play tent was one of the most used toys EVER for us!!

The beauty of it is that you collapse it, and then twist it (it takes a little practice) and then it's instantly FLAT and can slide right under the bed, couch, etc... Other play tents/houses have poles that have to be put up - but this literally pops up in 5 seconds and pops back down in less than 10.

It ROCKS, and if I had a reason to buy another one, I'd hop on this in a heartbeat. And the price is really good, too - especially since it includes a tunnel!

Not only is this fun to just play in, but my boys would sleep (inside) in theirs, and even dragged it outside to sleep in it on the trampoline! (But, um, I forgot to turn off the automatic sprinklers, so they were awakened with a shower at 5:30am.... bad mommy!!!)