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Munchkin Baby: Everything Your Baby Didn't Bring

It's already crowded enough in Mommy's belly. You don't want to be genetically engineering bibs and metal gates in there too. Just let the baby develop normally, and buy the extra stuff here. You know, how animals do it.


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Too dang cute. Deciding if I need gifts for some of my employee's kids for the company picnic in 2 weeks.

Thinking and adding up the kids.

Talking about the assorted cups.

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I have the baby gate, or a very similar model from Munchkin. It's great, and I could probably use another one or two soon.

One thing I will say: bring your own hardware on the hinge side. The included hardware isn't quite strong enough, and I wouldn't trust it to protect my child at the top of the stairs. Get some good anchors -- I suggest Buildex E-Z Ancor Twist & Lock or Stud Solver anchors. The gate itself is great, and feels very sturdy.

Help me out here, Woot -- what's the difference between the one you're selling and the one back at the mother ship that is under $40 right now? Other than model #?