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Kushies Training Pants

Get behind the wheel of a steel juggernaut? Sure, it's all good! Wear pants? Uh, uh, uh! You need some practice first! So get your kids past the hardest thing they'll ever do, and help them look nice while they're doing it. Then let them drive you home.


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I never used the disposable pull-up pants for my kids. I used a version of this, sometimes an all-in-one like this, sometimes the training cotton undies with the plastic pants over them.
In what you will spend in one week of toilet training for disposables, you can have a set or two of these!!!!


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You need to buy more larger sizes, especially in the masculine or gender neutral sets.
My 2 year old son is 37# and 42" tall, and boys take longer to get the hang of the whole "potty vs diaper" situation.
Heck, I am willing to put him in the pinks, but there may be a few side eyes when I send him to his childcare in them! I wasn't even late to the party