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Poll: Leashes for children are:
  • 41% - The. Best. Invention. Ever. 375
  • 50.6% - For terrible people who can't control their kids. 463
  • 8.4% - Something else (comments, please) 77
915 votes

Well, how do you fare compared to the Zeitgeist? Chat up your fellow wooters and let us know how lame this poll was or what obvious choices we missed. For example: Was this poll a) STUPID, b) DUMB, c) POINTLESS or d) ALL OF THE ABOVE?


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Laugh or be terrified, but I used on for my two year old in Disney and she loved dragging me along.

Truth be told, I hated the idea of using one, but I hated the idea of my daughter wandering away more. It worked put pretty well. It was also attached to a back pack which she loved because it was always filled with stuff to play with.


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Twin 2 year olds. Disneyland. Judge all you want, but those 2 split in opposite directions. (My youngest siblings, yes my mother disliked the idea, but hey - we didn't lose a 2 year old at Disney.)


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I have no problem with them.

If it works for you, use them.

If you don't like them, don't use them. There's no one thing that works for ALL kids. No reason to judge.


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Leo Rosten explains in his book, The Power of Positive Nonsense (1977)
"The only thing I can say about W. C. Fields ... is this: Any man who hates dogs and babies can't be all bad."

Ah, the hell with it.


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They can be great and necessary for the moment and child, or totally abused by lazy parents. Sometimes kids have things like ADD/ADHD or a disorder, and they don't have the normal "boundries", they will just run off and not even look back. Sometimes there is no amount of parenting that can fix it.

I would rather see those kids on leashes and safely enjoying a theme park or museum, than have the parents be afraid to take them out to places like that because it's just too dangerous for them.

Try not to judge, just know that it is the best that parent is doing at that time for that child.


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I used to hate the idea of leashes for children, but then we took the two year old to Disney World, she would sit in the stroller just fine, she would walk with us and hold our hands just fine, but that transition from sitting in the stroller to holding our hands was where we needed to prevent her from running. After that one trip we never needed it again.

Funny, I do notice a Disney theme going on here.


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I find them amusing and it pisses me off when a parent has their kid on one and lets them run totally free. Some kid runs in front of a group of people going the other way and has a retractable leash on them, the parent doesn't say excuse me or sorry -they need slapped. I've got one that I've used on my kid, but we are mindful of our surroundings.

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My twins figured out how to undo the buckles in the stroller well before they were two. I never thought I would use a kid leash, but when traveling, we had to.


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This day and age, you can't be too careful anymore. Any person could just grab up your kid. I have a leash, but I haven't used it yet. My son does like to run off and he runs FAST. Its not about controlling your kids, its just a kid thing. My daughter never ran off from me, but my son does no matter what I do to try to prevent him from doing it. So, I have a leash in case I absolutely need it. I used to be completely against them, but I'd rather have my kid safe and on a leash than running off and being kidnapped, lost or hit by a car.


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Don't judge, it's not a crime for jeebus sake. Personally, I intend to keep my daughter physically connected to me at all times (I don't trust the world) or rather I do trust the world ... to be sucky.


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The kid leash is fine but only if modified to include a pronged choke collar like they have for bad pet owners.


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I used one of those backpacks with the leash attached to the pack, for my child, at a very busy airport. For me, it wasn't about "controlling my child", it was about extra security for those moments when I wasn't able to hold my child. People are just creepy these days. I will put my child in a bubble with a security alarm if that's what it takes to protect him from harm. The thought of "What will others think?" never crossed my mind. Really, I don't care.


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triplebud wrote:The kid leash is fine but only if modified to include a pronged choke collar like they have for bad pet owners.

Now there's a brilliant idea. Can we test it out on you first?...I'll drive in a car with you running outside, attached with a leash, and you try to keep up, K?


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Not a bad idea in certain situations like walks in the park etc. Allows freedom, safety and control with a modicum of independence.


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Positively degrading and abusive. You might as well feed them Alpo and teach them to heal, sit and fetch too. This should be an arrestable offence.


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I have a toddler and use one of those backpack-style leashes from time to time. I'm always holding his hand but sometimes he sees something, slips away, and makes a beeline for it. It prevents him from going overly far before I catch up with him and grab his hand again.

So, I use it as a back-up of sorts, especially because we live in an urban area and find ourselves in crowds quite a bit. Like others have said, there are real weirdos out there.


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hoomgar wrote:Positively degrading and abusive. You might as well feed them Alpo and teach them to heal, sit and fetch too. This should be an arrestable offence.

Agreed (minus the "arrestable offence" part; that's not necessary)

** We lost a child at Disneyland two years ago, and I still don't believe in kid leashes.



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hoomgar wrote:Positively degrading and abusive. You might as well feed them Alpo and teach them to heal, sit and fetch too. This should be an arrestable offence.

It's "heel" unless your kid is a doctor or a white mage. I also used to work for CPS and have plenty of law enforcement officers in my family. We could give you plenty of examples of what child abuse really is and using a leash, in most cases, is not among them.


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I used one for my 2 year old when we went to the beach or crowded places. He was notorious for wondering off with other kids or just go off to nowhere. It kept him at least at 6 ft away and safe. Not at 13, he still needs one to keep him away from girls. Don't judge me!


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Does anyone remember the SNL skit with Mike Myers on a leash tied to the jungle gym?


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hoomgar wrote:Positively degrading and abusive. You might as well feed them Alpo and teach them to heal, sit and fetch too. This should be an arrestable offence.

I don't know about arrestable, but it should be legal to slap anyone caught using one.


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As an attention-seeking child of 3 I delighted in running away and hiding from Mom in department stores, etc. (Yes, I was punished for doing this.) However, Mom eventually chose to use a harness-leash which worked for both of us on so many levels. It kept me safely near her, gave me freedom of movement, meant I wasn't having my arm stretched overhead to hold Mom's hand and finally - in my active child's imagination - let me pretend to be my fave animal, a horse.

Mom took flack for having chosen to use this harness much like what I've read by naysayers in today's posts. Interestingly, this happened over 65 years ago. I defnitely was not an abused child, but quite the contrary: a happy, secure and loved child. Thanks, Mom!


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I disagree with the use of leashes. My children are 29 and 26 now, and I dont even think they had leashes then. If they had I would not have used them. It is all in how you discipline your children. I havr grandchildren now and the subject has come up regarding my 18 mos grandson. No leash for him. I feel if parents would use a little more discipline instead of worrying about hurting their little egos leashes wouldnt be necessary.


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Wow, it's amazing how people are very quick to judge other parents. What may work for your child/grandchild, may not necessarily work for mine. We do have a backpack leash for my 23 month old. She doesn't want to sit in the stroller all the time, and enjoys walking with us. I have the backpack for safety reasons. She is almost 2 and doesn't know a stranger. She also is very quick to run off. I just want to make sure that she is safe with us while still attending to my other children, while still allowing her to walk instead of cry in the stroller.


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We used a "leash" when my daughter was around the 2 - 3 year old age as most other posters have mentioned. She did NOT like being in the stroller and it was ONLY used in situations like when we were in a busy touristy area, the mall, a busy department store, etc. It gave her some independence while we were able to keep her near us. I wasn't an excuse to not watch her, only to keep her near... and it was only necessary for about that one year period when they desperately want some independence (they don't want to be pushed in a stroller or carried they want to WALK), but aren't old enough to understand getting lost yet. We found that most people who criticised us for using the "leash" did not have children of their own.



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Usually fine. My parents used one for me because I was notorious for stopping/not paying attention to what was going on.


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If you have ever had your child disappear in a crowd, you would know true fear and the leash was an answer to our prayers. My kids were not angels or out of control. They were kids and curious and FAST.

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